How to Speak English like a Native Speaker

In this video you will learn how you can fix your own mistakes, and speak English like a native speaker.


How to Deal with Speaking Anxiety

Scared of speaking English in front of people? Do you get nervous when you have to speak in class, at meetings or even social events? You are not alone. Speaking anxiety is one of the most common problems people face. This video will give you six tips for dealing with speaking anxiety.


Difference between TO and FOR

In this lesson, you will learn the difference between 'FOR' and 'TO'. Watch this video and learn when to use 'to' and when to use 'for'.


How to apologize in English

In this lesson, you will learn many ways to say sorry in English. Learn how to apologize in simple and serious situations. Save face, save your relationship and maybe save your job one day by using the right words and expressions at the right time.


Making comparisons in english

In this lesson, you will learn how to make comparisons in English.


How to Listen and understand English

Improve your ability to listen and understand English. By following these simple suggestions, you will be able to listen and understand native speakers, English movies, TV shows, etc...


Alright vs All right

Is it all right to use alright when you are writing? When is it alright? What is the difference between Alright and All right?


How to pay compliments

Learn how to pay compliments. Transcript Man: Good morning! Woman: Morning! Man: By the way, I just wanted to say well done on clinching that deal! Woman: Oh, thanks. It wasn't too difficult. Man: You're being modest! You did really well. Woman: Thank you. Man: You're a great manager, you know. Woman: Do you think so? Man: Oh yeah. Woman: I appreciate that. (pause) Man: Have you cut your hair? Woman: Oh yes, I did actually. Thanks for noticing! Man: Where did you get it done? Woman: Oh, just that place on the high street. Man: They did a great job and it looks great with the outfit. Woman: Do you think so? Man: Oh yeah. Very ... fashionable. Woman: Oh, it's just an old thing. Man: Well, you've got a great sense of style. Woman: Thank you, you too. Man: Thank you. (pause) Man: Nice perfume, too. Is that Dream? Woman: Well, yes it is, actually. Man: You wear it well. Woman: I'm flattered. Man: My pleasure. Woman: Listen, do you want something? Man: No. I'm just being polite, you know. Woman: Hmmm.


Comparing with LIKE & AS

This lesson will help you compare things and actions with 'like' or 'as' correctly and help you write and speak as a native speaker does.


How to change a verb into a noun

In this grammar lesson you will learn how to change a verb into a noun with the simple addition of -ment or -ion to it.


How to Greet Someone in English

It's always good to keep in touch with old friends. Transcript Woman: Hey! Hello there! Haven't seen you in ages! Man: Oh... all right yeah. Woman: Great to see you again! You're looking really well! Man: Oh! You think so? Thanks... Woman: So, how are you? Man: Well, you know, mustn't grumble. Woman: What've you been up to? Still working in that coffee shop? Man: Yeah...same one... Woman: Still trying to be an actor? Man: Well, yeah, you know... Woman: So Hollywood hasn't called in yet? Man: Not yet... Woman: Still living in...that flat? Man: Yeah. Same one. Woman: Well, great. Man: How about you? You still there...working in the fast food place? Woman: No! Stopped that a long time ago! I'm working in the city now, financial industries! Man: Oh. Great. Are you still sharing that house with all those other people? Woman: No way! I bought a big house with... four bedrooms, and a garden... the works. Man: Hmm...good for you. Woman: Listen! We should get together for a drink sometime! Catch up! Man: Yeah, I'd love to. Woman: Let's do it! Keep in touch then!


Difference Between Talk, Speak and Tell

In this video you will learn when to use talk, speak, and tell. By using the correct word in each situation, you’ll sound a lot more like a native English speaker.


How to Understand the differences Between American and British English

In this Video, You will understand the differences Between American and British English. Transcript: Man: Hey! Nice pants! Woman: Excuse me Man: I said nice pants. Woman: You can't see my pants, can you? Man: Of course I can. Woman: How can you see my pants? Man: They're on your legs! Woman: Ha. You haven't been to America recently, have you? Man: Oh I er ...I er actually just got back from LA! That's "Los Angeles" by the way.... Woman: I know. Man: Yeah, I picked up some of the American words, and now I forget which ones to use! So confusing! Woman: We call these "trousers" in Britain. Man: Of course we know there are so many things ...that's it's exactly a completely different language sometimes! Woman: Really? Man: Yeah! Woman: Would you like a crisp? Man: Crisps? In the States, they're "chips"! Woman: Oh. So if I want to order our chips in America, what do I ask for? Man: French fries! Woman: I see. Man: And you know what that is, don't you? Woman: A fizzy drink. Man: That's a "soda"! Woman: Hmm... Man: You know the lift over there? Woman: Yeah? Man: That's an elevator. Woman: Oh really? Man: You know in the States, you don't go to watch a film... Woman: You "watch a movie"! Man: Exactly! And you don't walk on the pavement... Woman: You walk on the "sidewalk"! Man: You got it! Woman: I've watched a lot of films...oops...movies!


5 Common Mistakes in Spoken English

In this lesson, You will learn how to avoid 5 very common mistakes in spoken English. Take ten minutes to watch this video and improve your spoken English.


5 Ways To Improve Your English

In this lesson You will learn five great ways to improve your English. All aspects are covered: reading, writing, grammar, and speaking.


Common Idioms in English - 'All'

In this lesson, you will learn 7 very common idioms in English that contain the word 'all'.


Remember English Vocabulary

Simple technique to learn and remember English vocabulary.


How To Turn Down An Invitation

In this video you will find out how to turn down unwanted invitations in the future.


English Speaking - Saying Hello and Goodbye

In this video we look at the many ways to Say Hello and Goodbye in English, formally and informally.


Difference between Between and Among

What is the difference between Between and Among, In this video you will learn about the common English words "between" and "among", and about how they are different. this lesson is a must-see for anyone learning English.